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Slots - Free Spins

The most awesome feature of online slot machines is that they all offer a vast variety of amazing and exciting free spins, bonus games, progressive jackpots and so much more to the player’s benefit. The most popular of them all is the free bonus spins undoubtedly.


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Online slot machine bonus spins are triggered by scatter symbols based on each individual slot theme. When a player lands three scatter symbols displayed anywhere on the slot machine’s screen, he/she received bonus spins.

It has been estimated that bonus spins only occur after one hundred and thirty spins of a machine, or can even be up to one hundred and fifty spins. This is a well-known factor amongst the majority of gamblers, and exactly why they have worked out a way around it to ensure they get to the bonus spins in record time with minimum losses. These gamblers wage normally until they receive their bonus spins, thereafter they decrease their bets to the minimum wage requirement on slot machines and play the following one hundred and twenty five games speedily. They then up their bets to the maximum allowed wager to get to the next possible free bonus spin feature, enabling them to win the maximum possible pay-out. There seems to be a lot of logic behind this method, as it has certainly been very popular amongst gamblers and paid off.

But what happens if the slot machine surprises the player one day and offers a free spin before reaching one hundred spins, what then? They will surely kick themselves until they are blue. Or, even worse, what if the machine offers a progressive massive jackpot while the player is still on the minimum bet? As only gamblers who wage the maximum allowed bet on slot machines qualifies to win progressive jackpots.

Some online video slots offer you the option of spinning for free as a bonus, but to get to those free spins, you have to align certain symbols. These symbols are known as scatter symbols to the gaming community and they can come up anywhere, anytime. So what do these spins have to offer that you can use to win the jackpot?

Well there are a lot of slots that people can play that offer them small bonuses such as free spins and mini games. The developers of these games put this in place to ensure that they could keep games interesting and keep players coming back time after time. To get one of these free spins, you need to check the scatter symbols of the slot you are playing at. They will usually be aligned to the theme, so if the slot is themed around Disney characters, the symbol is likely to be Goofy or a Disney logo.

When there are three of these scatter symbols in alignment, the free spins will begin. These free spins are determined before the game begins, so you won’t be able to select how many you get. The wheels will keep turning until a win comes up and the total of the wins you get is then added to your coins at the end. Some people cheat the scatter symbol process somewhat by making their bets very low until they hit a free spin. Once the free spins are done, they increase their bets to the maximum as their chances of winning a bigger payout have increased due to the amount of spins. While this is still no guarantee of a win, it is one way to play, albeit not the most moral way.

If you love the slots and you enjoy getting into new games, look for those that are able to offer you scatter symbols. Not only will you walk away with more money, but you will also get more bang for your buck and it is this kind of great value for money that keeps players coming back for more.

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Types of Slots

Gone are the days when we had two options of different one armed bandit slot machines to choose from. Today, there are hundreds of exciting options with drastically improved features, graphics and audio.

The old fashioned one lined, two and three lined classic slot machines still are, and will probably always be any player’s favourite. But today the classic slots are available with far more advanced features and varieties to choose from.

There are many types of slots, such as the abovementioned, one up to three reeled classic slots, as well as five reeled Video slot machines such as Cashapillar which boasts of five reels and one hundred pay-lines, fruit machines with nudge and hold features which enables players to control the outcome of a possible win, 3D slot machines, progressive slots and multi-line slots.

Progressive slots are renowned for offering the highest jackpots with the largest variety of options to win.Video slot machines have a far more sleek and sophisticated looked than any other online slot machine as well as fabulous graphics and audio. However, when it comes to animation, visuals and audio, nothing comes close to the latest innovative invention being 3D slots.

Players have the option to choose between themed slots, slots with their favourite cartoon characters, their favourite movies and much more. As well as unbelievable winning features such as scatter symbols, wild symbol, multipliers, free bonus rounds, free spins and a whole lot more. Slots gambling have evolved from dull and boring into adrenalin pumping, super exciting and entertaining form of pastime. The beauty about online slots today is that every single slot machine is telling a story to the player while he/she is playing by means of themes, animation, colours, audio and much more, and is no longer about just winning or losing.

All About Slot Machines

Slot machines may seem as though they are all the same, but the discerning slots player understands exactly what makes one game very different to the next. Some slots offer more bonuses or bigger payouts, while others have more striking graphics or incredible sounds. Many people already know that when it comes to slots, people play those that they instinctively like, and will not be persuaded to use another machine.

These days, all slot machines are computer operated and work on a programme that allows them to spin randomly. Sometimes, these slots have been set to give players better odds, but for the most part they are all controlled by random number generators, that make the slots fairer. These devices select the moment at which the reels will stop and this means that if you almost win the jackpot, there is no one to blame.

Though many people claim that they have a strategy to guarantee a win at the slots, very few can actually prove this. Because of this mechanism, the game is actually entirely dependent on luck, and this means that no matter which strategy you employ, if luck is not on your side, you will not win.

Most slots are divided into classic and progressive. The classic slots are those that show quite overtly what their payout will be and they do this in coins. For example, if you wager three coins and hit the jackpot, you could win 10 000 coins back. A progressive jackpot on the other hand works on the amount of people who play it. The more people play, the bigger the jackpot becomes. Should a lucky player strike the jackpot, they will win this progressive amount, which can sometimes be millions.

Slots can be very interesting according to how they are developed and how they are themed. Though some may seem similar, anyone can tell that no two slots are alike, and by simply playing them, the more subtle difference become obvious. Though some may assume that slots are all about putting in money and pushing a button over and over, real fans know there is more to it.

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